Our approach

In four simple steps we will provide you with a solution to meet your needs.

Step 1

Initial meeting

At our initial meeting I will discuss with you the services we offer, provide you with a business card with all my contact details, a client agreement letter and full details of the fee structure. I will complete a fact find document which will provide me with your personal and financial details and your existing arrangements and more importantly we will discuss your needs and aspiration and what you need to achieve.

This meeting has no cost to you and has no obligation for you to proceed normally this meeting takes 15 minutes, if you are happy to proceed we will arrange another meeting.

Step 2

Knowing your personal circumstances

At our second meeting I will have by now received all the information I need on your existing arrangements, such as details of your mortgage, life and protection plans, pension arrangement, savings and investment products, and I can provide you with a detailed oversight on your arrangements. Also more importantly with regards to investment advise by completing a “attitude to risk” questionnaire this will provide me with your attitude to investments risks. At this point we can formulate a way forward and at our next meeting I will provide you with my recommendations.

Step 3

A solution to meet your needs

Following all our meetings I will now provide you with my recommendations to meet your needs and aspirations and hopefully receive your agreement to proceed. I will be responsible for implementing these and if necessary provide you with correspondence to cancelling any old arrangements when the ones are in place. I will also keep you informed of the progress and may call on you again if you have questions or queries, I will also provide you with a fully documented report on my recommendation and the impact of my recommendations.

At this point we will also confirm the frequency of our next review, usually on an annual basis if you require this.

Step 4

Ongoing advice and service

You are now a client and can feel free to contact me at any time with advice you may require on all aspects of financial services also if you are satisfied with our service and are happy to use our “friends and family” referral were you provide use if a recommendation to a new client we will provide you with a financial incentive.

“The happiest of customers! Service way beyond what I have been used to or what I have expected.”

Mr N.C Fazakerley